Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weird stuff, Weird Dreams

Something seemed a little off on the way back to my aunt's house. I decided to ask her about the house in front of hers "didn't that house used to have a garage" "no it never had a garage, why are you asking?" I said I remember how that house definitely had a garage when I last came here (which was last summer), but apparently I was wrong, and then I realized what happened, this was not an isolated incident there had been numerous times when I used to remember things differently than what was happening, a neighbor that never existed, people's names, people's faces, places and things that I remember but other people don't. And then I realized I was slipping through dimensions and I couldn't stop.

OK that was weird I feel like I sound like a deranged maniac, but anyway last night I dreamed I was a demon and I was hitting on a goddess on a bar, it might have to do something with this video or maybe not.

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