Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stuff about games

Well lately I have been very busy with school, but I also started playing a game called Hero's Realm, Now I don't know if it’s a well known game but so far I have been liking it a lot, it is very entertaining and it plays like a final fantasy (when it was still good and didn't sell out, so like NES, SNES era final fantasy). it is absolutely free and is pretty good If you like RPG's but feel the new ones are a little stale on some aspects play this game it will feel like cool breeze in the summer.

 Plot: plot wise it’s a huge cliche but maybe that is why I like it , sometimes simplicity is better and the fact that the game does not take itself so seriously just makes it the more relaxing to play

Game play: it plays just like final fantasy 5 (even with some of the same sprites and from other games too)

Stuff:it has a day and night system so towns and places change after time, this attention to detail makes the experience much more submersible.

Hero’s Realm was made on rpgmaker 2003 by Kentona you can find the game here and I think the walk-through is there too.I hope I don't give this game a bad name I am just trying to get people to play it.


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